Lions, and tigers, and roller coasters – Oh, my!

Normally, I’m not a fan of large crowds of people or artificially constructed happiness (i.e. theme parks). There is something about the smell of cheap perfume, cigarettes, and copious fabric softener use combined with the repetitive clash of canned circus music that makes me want to run for the woods screaming after the first hour.

That and I have discovered with age that many theme park rides are just brightly painted torture devices that leave one hanging upside-down, begging for mercy, and promising to give up every state secret if the interrogator/ride operator would just make the ride come to an end.


The kids – and birds – seemed to enjoy themselves.

Understandably, I put off going to them. However, with kids there really is no way to avoid the trips completely, especially during the warmer months, so I made a compromise – we found an amusement park that was (somewhat) lacking in whiplash inducing rides but that made up for it with wildlife. We found it at Chessington not too far from London. I think I may have even enjoyed myself (with a little assistance from a headache pill – I’m human and circus music really is bad).

Having the option to go on an overcast day that threatened (but never actually produced) rain was a definite advantage. The air felt nearly clean and the lines for rides were minimal. The wide paths were ours and ours alone in many cases. The animals (mainly the spider monkeys and some very fancy show chickens) that were willing to acknowledge humans gave us their full attention, having few other people to interact with. Other than a mild case of whiplash, it was actually all rather pleasant.

6 thoughts on “Lions, and tigers, and roller coasters – Oh, my!

  1. I finally gave in and took my kids to DisneyWorld. (One of them is grown and married,.) I was dreading the trip, but ended up having a good time. It’s not someplace I’d want to go again, but we had fun.

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  2. janstring says:

    Thanks for following my blog! :-)
    We seem to have the same view on amusement parks :-) Although mine does stem from being tipped upside down unexpectedly (Duh!!!!) at 16 years of age. Unwittingly calling out for my mother – having all my change fall out of my pockets to the floor and being teased by the nearest 10 year olds. It went something like this: “She wants her mummy, she wants her mummy!” Get the drift? Alas it left me scarred :-) at this torturous embarrassment and since having kids they have delighted in mummy’s inability to enjoy said rides. Kids! Who’d have em!! :-)

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