The odd day

android 2474

Meet one of our previous house guests.

This guy met the business end of a coyote and won, doing the entire coop a great service. However, he needed some time to recuperate after and thus became a household regular for a couple of weeks until his missing feathers grew in enough to manage the outdoor climate.

I have to admit I miss his inquisitive nature as he would settle in for the night, roosting on his towel on the back of the sofa while watching me peck away at the laptop keys.

android 2477

The cat was a little confused, but fairly well behaved when it came to our house guest.

3 thoughts on “The odd day

  1. dolphin says:

    Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:
    Loooove this. :)


  2. He must be one mean bird, at least versus a coyote. Our coyote wouldn’t have left a feather… I’ve seen remnants of many a cat. rabbit and small dog in our village. Sounds like a fun house guest. Glad he’s recuperating.


    • claire005 says:

      Yeah, he was quite the fighter :) We found him a fair distance from the coop hiding out under some shrubs after the incident. He had never been that far from home before.


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